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Lower Back Pain

Sitting at a desk all day can have a serious impact on the spine. As our lives become more sedentary and lower back pain becomes more prevalent, the importance of chiropractic care has never been greater. Here at our Spokane office, Dr. Chad offers specialized chiropractic treatment to ease the pressure on your back, alleviating pain and helping you feel comfortable again.


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What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Strains and sprains are the most common causes of acute lower back pain. Strains occur when your back muscles stretch too far and tear, while sprains are tears in the ligaments. Back pain that radiates down to the legs is called sciatica. This condition occurs when a herniated disk or bone spur in the spine presses on the nerve. 

Certain conditions such as degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis can also cause lower back pain. Chiropractic treatment techniques, at-home stretching, and massages can help alleviate the pain you feel due to these issues.

What Accompanies Lower Back Pain?

The most obvious issue that accompanies lower back issues is difficulty sitting. Greater pressure is placed on the lower back when you sit down, exacerbating the painful sensation you experience. Other, less common symptoms include numbness or tingling in the legs, weakness, and unexplained weight loss. Your back issues can be due to a medical condition if it is accompanied by bowel problems or fever.

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help?

Treatment here at our Spokane office involves the use of diversified/motion palpation. This specialized technique is performed to manipulate your spine and ease pressure on sections of your lower back. Ongoing therapy can provide you with relief from acute pain and help you feel more comfortable.

Along with this treatment, Dr. Chad can also recommend stretching and massage techniques that can help further. Making certain lifestyle adjustments and strengthening back muscles can also provide your lower back with greater support.

Chiropractic Care for ​​Lower Back Pain in​ Spokane, WA

Relief from back pain is right around the corner. At BETTER LIFE Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we use the latest techniques to help ease your back issues and help you get back to what matters most. To schedule an appointment, simply fill out the form below or give our Spokane office a call at (509) 464-0444.

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