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Urinary incontinence can be embarrassing to deal with. Uncontrollable leaks and the sudden urges that arise due to this issue can significantly disrupt our lives. If you struggle with this issue, chiropractic care may be the solution for you. At BETTER LIFE Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we use the Webster technique to realign your pelvis and put you back in control. Along with this, we also offer the EMSELLA® treatment by BTL, which can strengthen your pelvic floor without discomfort or downtime.


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What Causes Incontinence?

Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of urinary incontinence. This is the case because pregnancy and childbirth weaken pelvic floor muscles, meaning less support for the bladder. Multiple pregnancies and the effects of aging can make this condition worse. While not everyone will experience it as they get older or after pregnancy, some incontinence is not all that uncommon.

Can Incontinence Be Dangerous?

Incontinence isn’t a dangerous issue, but it can wear you down. Women who have this issue could struggle with lower self-esteem, a less active sex life, and higher levels of depression. All of these issues can have a serious impact on your day-to-day life and happiness.


Lower spinal misalignments and a weak pelvic floor can be contributing factors to urinary incontinence. Here at BETTER LIFE Family Chiropractic & Wellness, Dr. Chad can restore your spinal alignment and improve the function of bodily processes. Treatments are gentle and effective, removing subluxations that can disrupt your bladder control.

A weak pelvic floor can also be addressed with the revolutionary EMSELLA® system. This throne-like device uses high-frequency electromagnetic stimulation (HIFEM) to simulate thousands of muscle contractions per minute. This effectively strengthens your pelvic floor and minimizes incontinence without the need for more invasive procedures. Best of all, this device requires no downtime!

Chiropractic Care for Incontinence in​ Spokane, WA

We can treat incontinence issues using gentle chiropractic adjustments and our EMSELLA® pelvic floor strengthening system. If you’re struggling with bladder control after childbirth, our treatments may be a great option. To get started, simply fill out the form below or give our office a call at (509) 464-0444.

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