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EMSELLA® for Men

At Better Life Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we are proud to offer EMSELLA® treatments for men in Spokane, Washington. This cutting-edge, non-invasive therapy is designed to improve pelvic floor muscle strength and alleviate symptoms of urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing personalized care and helping you achieve optimal health and wellness. Experience the benefits of EMSELLA® and take the first step towards a better quality of life with us.


How Does EMSELLA® for Men Work?

BTL EMSELLA® effectively stimulates pelvic floor muscles by using High Frequency Electromagnets (HIFEM), giving you nearly 12,000 muscle contractions in just one 28-minute session!

Before and after steps for Emsella<sup>®</sup> for men

BTL EMSELLA® for men is the HIFEM® procedure that utilizes electromagnetic energy at a high frequency to cause pelvic floor muscle stimulation completely and non-invasively. Similar to the contractions you perform when doing a kegel exercise, what makes this treatment effective is the in-depth penetration and stimulation of the entire pelvic floor area. A single session brings you thousands of intense contractions that you would not be able to do on your own. These contractions are very helpful when it comes to muscle strengthening.

Photo of a man sitting in the EMSELLA<sup>®</sup> chair

What Are the Benefits of EMSELLA® for Men?

  • Improved bladder control: Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can alleviate or eliminate urinary incontinence.
  • Enhanced sexual function: A stronger pelvic floor contributes to improved sexual performance and satisfaction.
  • Non-invasive: No surgery, incisions, or anesthesia required.
  • Quick sessions: Each treatment lasts around 30 minutes.
  • Minimal side effects: Any potential side effects are mild and short lived.

Can EMSELLA® Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can result from underlying conditions such as a weak pelvic floor or nerve damage. Strengthening the pelvic muscles using the EMSELLA® Chair may lead to better erections by addressing hypertrophy of the pelvic muscles, which can block blood outflow. Achieve the equivalent of 11,000 Kegels with just a single 28-minute EMSELLA® treatment.

Am I a Candidate?

EMSELLA® is a great option for men of any age who desire a solution for urinary incontinence and improvement in their quality of life.

How Fast Will I See Results?

The technology works the same for everybody, but we all start from different places. Most men observe improvement after 1 to 6 sessions. The results will typically continue to improve over the next several weeks.

What is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is defined as the involuntary leakage of urine. This might be a result of weak pelvic floor muscles since pelvic floor muscles play an important role in supporting pelvic organs and controlling continence.

There are three different types of urinary incontinence:

  1. Stress incontinence is when there is exerted pressure on the bladder causing leakage. This can be caused by coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercising.
  2. Urge incontinence is the sudden, intense urge to urinate frequently.
  3. Mixed incontinence is a combination of both stress and urge incontinence.

Schedule EMSELLA® for Men in​ Spokane

If you are a man struggling with urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction, don’t let these issues control your life. Take action today and reclaim your confidence by scheduling an appointment at Better Life Family Chiropractic & Wellness in Spokane, Washington. Our EMSELLA® treatments offer a non-invasive and effective solution to enhance your pelvic health. Our compassionate and experienced team is here to support you on your journey to better health. Call us today at (509) 464-0444 for a consultation.

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