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Ligament Pain

Round ligament pain during pregnancy is not unusual, especially as you approach your second trimester. However, just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it has to be your reality. At BETTER LIFE Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we offer methods to alleviate this pain and help you feel more comfortable. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation and treatment today.


Pregnant woman dealing with ligament pain

What Causes Prenatal Ligament Pain?

There are several thick ligaments that surround and support your uterus. The round ligament is one of them, and it connects the front part of the womb to your groin, the area where your legs attach to your pelvis. Normally, this ligament tightens and relaxes slowly.

As your baby and womb grow, the ligament stretches and can become strained. Once strained, sudden movements can cause the ligament to tighten quickly, leading to pain and discomfort.

Should You Be Concerned About Ligament Pain?

Ligament pain during pregnancy is normal and typically nothing to worry about. If you experience an occasional jabbing sensation and are looking for pain relief, chiropractic care can help. However, if you experience prolonged pain that doesn’t seem to go away, you should contact your doctor.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Here at our Spokane office, Dr. Chad provides treatment for ligament pain using the Webster technique. This is a specific chiropractic method created to safely align the sacrum and pelvis in pregnant women. It can also address soft tissue imbalances such as round ligament tightness. 

These adjustments are non-invasive, gentle, and safe for you and your baby. Best of all, they don’t involve downtime and can alleviate pain along with preventing future pain from occurring.

Chiropractic Care for Ligament Pain in​ Spokane, WA

If you’re experiencing pain during pregnancy, a simple chiropractic adjustment using the Webster technique can help. We perform this treatment gently and can help you experience a pain-free pregnancy. To get started, simply fill out the form below or give our office a call at (509) 464-0444.

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