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Woman dealing with acute pain due to an injury

Acute Pain

We rely on chiropractic care methods such as spine realignment to help address acute pain.

Pregnant woman receiving breech presentation care

Breech Presentation

Our chiropractic methods can improve a breech presentation and get your baby properly aligned.

Man dealing with chronic pain

Chronic Pain

We provide chronic pain management using advanced chiropractic therapy methods.

Baby with colic


We offer gentle chiropractic care for babies who have persistent colic.

Infant experiencing developmental delays

Developmental Delays

The chiropractic care we provide can address your infant’s developmental delays.

Woman getting treatments for diastatis recti

Diastasis Recti

We can provide Emsculpt NEO® treatments to address diastasis recti after pregnancy.

Mom holding a baby suffering from encopresis


We provide gentle chiropractic care to address encopresis and constipation in children. Schedule in Spokane, WA.

Woman suffering from urinary incontinence standing near the toilet


We address postpartum incontinence symptoms using gentle chiropractic care and EMSELLA®. Schedule an appointment in Spokane, WA.

Pregnant woman dealing with ligament pain

Ligament Pain

We use the Webster chiropractic technique to address round ligament pain in pregnant women.

Woman on a job experiencing lower back pain

Lower Back Pain

We provide chiropractic care for those struggling with low back pain. Schedule an appointment at our Spokane, WA office.

Mother and baby dealing with muscle & joint stiffness

Muscle & Joint Stiffness

We address stiffness and hypertonia in infants using gentle chiropractic techniques.

Woman with neck pain touching her neck

Neck Pain

If you struggle with neck pain, we can provide chiropractic care to minimize your pain and restore your comfort. Schedule in Spokane, WA.

Woman in preparation for VBAC

Preparation for VBAC

We provide chiropractic preparation for VBAC deliveries. Schedule your appointment in Spokane, Washington today.

Person dealing with sciatica


We provide relief from sciatica in the form of spinal manipulation and chiropractic massage.

Child with scoliosis


Our chiropractic methods can address some symptoms of scoliosis and bring you a step closer to proper alignment.

Child with sensory integration disorder

Sensory Integration Disorder

We offer chiropractic care for children struggling with sensory integration disorder.

Man and woman kissing in bed

Sexual Dysfunction

We offer EMSELLA® pelvic floor treatments for those struggling with sexual dysfunction.

Sleepy baby

Sleep Difficulties

We provide chiropractic care for newborns that are experiencing sleep difficulties. Schedule an appointment in Spokane, WA.

Stubborn fat on the body

Stubborn Fat Reduction

We offer Emsculpt NEO® treatments to address those stubborn pockets of fat on the body.

Pregnant woman with symphysis pubis dysfunction

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

We provide chiropractic care for pregnant women experiencing symphysis pubis dysfunction. Schedule in Spokane, WA today.

Young mom holding her baby


We provide gentle chiropractic care for infants with torticollis. Schedule an appointment in Spokane, WA today.

Woman with upper back pain

Upper Back Pain

Dr. Chad uses a diversified technique to address upper back pain and help you find relief. Schedule in Spokane, WA.

family smiling


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