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Chiropractic Care

What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the specialized care of the spine and human frame to optimize the function of the nervous system. Here’s a simple way of looking at it: the joints of the body have a sole purpose, and that purpose is to move. When joints are unable to fulfill their sole purpose, they tend to get grumpy, and they demonstrate this through pain, stiffness or numbness. The only purpose of muscles is to move joints. If the muscles can’t carry out their purpose, then they get irritated as well, which leads to the spread of pain and dysfunction.

How does all this required motion become hampered? It’s called spinal misalignment. When the joints in the spine become malpositioned, they put pressure on nerves, which then inhibits mobility, affecting the entire nervous system. Skilled chiropractic adjustments alleviate this pressure and allow normal function to return.

Dr. Chad is proud to offer family care, pediatric care, and pregnancy care for all stages of life!

We’re able to accomplish this through some of the following well-researched techniques:

  • Diversified/Motion Palpation: An assessment of joint motion is used to help determine instability and misalignment patterns.
  • Webster: This prenatal technique is designed to gently balance the pelvic floor, with a focus on sacral stability; it’s key to a successful birth outcome.
  • Thompson: Utilizing a specialized table and physics to create a gentler approach.
  • Activator Methods™: This gentle low-force, instrument-based technique is ideal for children and those who are sensitive.

We also feature extremity work, myofascial release and home stretching and exercise routines.

Most people are aware of the pain-reducing benefits of chiropractic care, but here are some of the other outstanding benefits:

  • Better sleep
  • Calmer digestion
  • Enhanced immune system capacity

  • Increased energy, focus and alertness
  • More efficient reproductive system function
  • An improved life through optimum health

Chiropractic absolutely helps me get through the day. Dr. Chad has saved me from being old too soon.
Deb F

Our Practice Difference

All of us at Better Life Family Chiropractic are dedicated 100% to helping you get well and live a Better Life. We’re able to do this through a scientifically validated assessment process called the Insight Subluxation System™, which helps us to not only locate problem areas with precision, but also provides an accurate measurement of your progress.

We also care deeply about our new patients. We’ve accumulated years of hard-won experience and dedicated study to be able to offer our new patients the very best in skillful adjustment methods. Our customized treatment protocols give people what they want: a successful treatment outcome.

Your trust is important to us and nothing makes us happier than to fulfill your health needs. Our mission is to help as many people as we can, and we’d love to help you. Make an appointment to see us today, or just stop on by!

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