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Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Spokane

The field of obstetrics has determined that the correct positioning of the baby in-utero affects the birth outcome. Proper positioning also decreases the potential for undue stress on the baby’s developing spine and nervous system.

Let’s put it this way: if you’re pregnant, eventually the baby is going to want to pass through the pelvis. It’s been our experience that 90+% of all adults that come to see us have problems with “stuck” pelvic joints. During the birth process, those joints have to open up and expand efficiently to allow the baby to exit smoothly.

If the pelvis is immobile or misaligned, the infant is also going to be mispositioned. Recent research demonstrates that specific chiropractic care helps the pelvic floor to realign and relax. We agree!

This adjustment method involves a specific chiropractic analysis of the pelvis, with emphasis on the positioning of the sacrum and the sacroiliac joints during pregnancy. It’s all about creating an optimal environment for the baby, with a lessening of negative conditions for the mom. Some of the unwanted symptoms that pregnant women can be prone to include:

  • Back pain
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

  • Round ligament pain
  • Sciatica
  • Symphysis-Pubis dysfunction

The Webster Technique takes all of these issues into consideration so that moms-to-be can experience the birth plan they’re hoping to have. Our care is extremely safe and gentle and uses a method shown to improve pregnancy and labor conditions. We recommend that you come in for an evaluation as soon as you know you’re expecting. We want to help you to optimize this wonderful time in your life.

My breech baby flipped after the first appointment! I am excited to go on and have my natural birth!
Araya S

When Dr. Chad’s wife Randi was pregnant with their first child, they decided to have a home birth. Although Randi was adjusted throughout her pregnancy using standard chiropractic techniques, her labor ended up being very long, painful and arduous. After 30 hours of agony, her contractions came to a halt because the baby was “stuck” in the pelvis. She was rushed to the hospital, and 30 minutes away from a C-section, she finally gave birth.

To this day, Dr. Chad still tears up when he talks about this event. He decided then and there to never again have his wife endure such a horrific experience, nor any other moms-to-be in his practice.

Dr. Chad changed the focus of his clinic to prenatal, pediatric and family chiropractic for the sole purpose of championing the birth process as a human issue, one that affects us all. He became certified in the Webster Technique and used it for his wife’s chiropractic care during her second pregnancy. She not only experienced nine months of feeling great but a smooth and stress-free birth as well.

Although other chiropractors in the area offer prenatal chiropractic care, we stand out in the following ways:

  • We do more than adjust you. The Better Life Prenatal Protocol not only balances the pelvis for feeling better and an optimal delivery but also address possible soft tissue confounders such as the abdominal muscles or pelvic floor problems.
  • We provide a convenient, private changing and feeding room for parents and their little ones.
  • As your children get older, we also feature a large play area for them to have fun in so that they can feel free to be themselves.
  • Dr. Chad is dedicated to the health issues that women face and wants to bridge the gap over the birth process as being only a woman’s issue.

Join Us for Our Pregnancy & Chiropractic Event

Learn how proper, prenatal chiropractic care is essential for an optimal birth and why Better Life Family Chiropractic is Spokane’s prenatal headquarters. Women under chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can enjoy many benefits.

  • Relieves low back pain in 94% of cases
  • Reduces labor time by 24-39%
  • Decreases back labor significantly
  • The Webster Technique can help breech babies turn
  • Can greatly reduce or eliminate nausea

Please see our EVENTS page for days and times.

Our moms-to-be find it easy and comfortable to share their problems and extend their trust. Are you struggling with a pregnancy issue? We are ready to help. Contact us today for a free consultation or for information about prenatal chiropractic Spokane.

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